Judith, 2016

"Lorelle has arranged my paintings in my gallery space many times, and I'm always delighted with what she has done. She has a great "eye" - the exceptional ability to compose the work on each of the three walls, while making the whole space feel cohesive and aesthetically inviting. She is a joy to work with!"

Alex, 2016
Erica, 2013
Pauline, 2016

“Lorelle did a masterful job of hanging my paintings when I became an Artist-In-Residence. She continued to advise on how to make my gallery space more attractive and inviting to the art-buying public and to hang additional work each time it needed replenishing. Lorelle is a gracious professional artist and administrator who loves and lives art. I feel fortunate to have been associated with her and admire her creativity and versatility.”

Chuck, 2016
Lisa, 2012

“Lorelle is an experienced professional in her role at the gallery. Her knowledge of the art and artists and her ability to relate to the potential buyers is exceptional. Lorelle's creativity and expertise in curating various exhibits is outstanding. She is personable and involved in making your visit to the gallery a remembered experience.”

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