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Reclaimed | Retold, 2015
6 E Broad Street

Reclaimed | Retold is a pop-up exhibition of artwork by six assemblage artists who collect and combine found objects to create new work. Gathering and collecting found objects is the inherent occupation of an assemblage artist. Whether the artist uses discarded building materials scavenged from a former industrial site or old, miniature boxcars purchased from an antique store, these artists are bound by their desire to collect. An assemblage is a grouping of unrelated things or people, and in the context of this exhibition refers to the use of found, man-made objects and/or salvaged materials as a medium for art.

A View Reconstructed, 2014
Artspace Gallery

Lorelle Rau displays a series of intricate collages in her exhibition, A View Reconstructed, in the Frable Gallery at Artstpace in Richmond, Virginia. Exhibiting internationally, Rau "collects free resources, reusing and reconfiguring them" as fully realized collage images. Inspired by the "rawness of the natural world," she leaves no material unused, incorporating the gathered scraps from one work to be material for the next. Receiving her MA in Arts Administration from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Rau’s attention to detail, craftsmanship, and presentation are showcased in her vibrant, inventive collages.

National Juried All-Media Exhibition, 2012
Petersburg Regional Art Center

The 2012 National Juried All-Media Exhibition, the first of its kind in nearly 18 years of operation, was designed to expand Petersburg Regional Art Center’s audience nationally and continue to bring quality artwork and artists to the Petersburg/ Richmond area. Sixty-five artists are represented from North Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, DC, Alabama, West Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, California, Maryland, New Jersey, and of course, Virginia. This exhibition was juried by Samantha May of Hillyer Art Space and coordinated by Lorelle Rau.


Sensory Overload, 2010
Corcoran Gallery of Art

Sensory Overload is a national, juried all-media exhibition featuring artwork that integrates at least two or more of the five senses into a single work or group of works. The act of experiencing art is primarily visual; however, this topic forces viewers to think beyond the visual and engage using other sensory methods. Sensory Overload aims to explore the physiological methods of perception using textures, sight, sounds, smells, and/or tastes. | | 208-996-0297
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